Eyebrow design

Thread eyebrow design

Threading is one of the most durable and hygienic techniques that exist. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The service includes eyebrow hygiene, exfoliation, mapping or thread marking and threading. If necessary, henna and post-vitamin oil would be applied afterwards to maintain and enhance the color for longer.

Threading hair removal is an ancient technique that has its origins in India and ancient Persia.

It is currently the most popular eyebrow and facial hair removal method in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In the last decade, threading has also become fashionable in Europe and North America, establishing itself as an integral part of the palette of hair removal services in the best salons in the West.

Unlike the traditional tweezing method, the thread is capable of removing an entire row of hair in a single pass, thus achieving more precise and elegant eyebrows (I call it the zipper effect).

Threading offers much more defined results than waxing because it allows hairs to be removed one by one. In addition, it is possible to remove hair even when it is newly grown. Another advantage of this method is that it is not aggressive for the skin, so it is highly recommended for people with allergies and delicate skin.

The upper lip, chin and eyebrows are the most requested areas to perform this service.

The duration of this treatment can range between 3-4 weeks depending on the hair growth of each person.

It is a very quick process, in just 10 minutes the design would be done and then the henna is another 15 minutes of exposure.

Enjoy a threaded eyebrow design and always have your perfect eyebrows

– Suitable for all skin types

– Does not irritate the skin or burn like other types of hair removal

– Takes longer to come out

– Prevents the appearance of wrinkles

– You can do all the hair removal with the thread without the need for tweezers.

– Very hygienic technique, since the skin is barely touched.