Lifting de pestañas spa

Lifting de pestañas spa

It is one of the most requested services since you will leave my studio with amazing eyelashes that you didn't know you had.

I work with Spanish and vegan brands that give me the guarantee of a spectacular result always. 

Who doesn't want long, beautiful and thick eyelashes without the need to use mascara? 

Eyelash lifting consists of lifting your own eyelashes with flat silicone molds, nourishing them and adding dye to them so that they are as black as possible. 

The result is a much more open and intense look for at least 6 weeks. 

Why SPA? Well, because during the lifting service you will feel like you are in a spa since the service includes a free hand massage, some moisturizing patches for dark circles and a glass of water at the end before getting off the table.